date13 September 2017

What can you achieve by going paperless?

Digital technologies have now infiltrated most industries, and they’re drastically changing the way companies operate. Despite all the benefits on offer and impressive results to show, however, so many still depend on paper daily. Handwritten forms, printed invoices and scribbled signatures might seem like the ‘done’ things, but there is a better way. Going paperless can bring various rewards for logistics and delivery businesses – and not all are obvious.

Eliminate loss and damage

However careful your staff are with their documents, paperwork can always go missing. It’s also at risk of damage, especially in harsh weather and dirty environments – moisture or fingerprints could make information illegible, causing problems further down the line. By using an electronic proof-of-delivery (EPOD) solution to record the relevant data on each job, you eliminate both of these issues. Details of each delivery job is captured by the driver’s handheld device, which then sends a copy of the information back to base for safe keeping. This not only means that it can be seen in real-time in the office, but also that it can be recalled at any time by anyone with the authorisation. There’s no risk of losing or damaging your records.

Save time and money

Using paper means you need to account for the cost of paper, and while it might seem like the cheap option to begin with, it will soon add up. Firstly, you’ll need various prepared forms, all designed specifically for their own purpose. Then you’ll need the storage space to keep them all neatly and protected back at base – boxes, filing cabinets and even dedicated rooms. In the future, you may even have to dispose of certain papers, and that too can be costly if you’re to do it properly; professional shredding services aren’t cheap. Consider also the time it takes your drivers to handle paperwork properly; they must find and store forms correctly during each job, and then ensure all information is passed back to your office in good time. Another member of staff will need to copy data across to your computer system too – all of this puts a strain on your resources.

Increase sustainability

Although paper is recyclable, its manufacturing process is often blamed for serious environmental issues like mass deforestation and increases in greenhouse gas emissions. Removing it from your part of the supply chain and relying instead on digital records is a great – and easy - way to make a difference. Sustainability is a big selling point for businesses these days; recent research shows that a third of consumers now prefer to buy from brands they think are doing social or environmental good. So, as well as helping the planet, you could impress potential customers by being open about your ethical practices.

The right move to make

The trend for ‘going paperless’ has certainly picked up some pace over the past few years, but this isn’t just another flash-in-the-pan idea for businesses to consider – there really are some great benefits on offer. By investing in the right EPOD solution, you too can save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors and be more sustainable. To find out more about how we can help you achieve all four and more, get in touch with our experts today.