Resolves disputes & eliminates credit notes..... & a whole lot more!

Maximise profit margins and optimise operations with Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) software specific to the Industrial Parts Distribution Sector. Selecting a Touchstar EPOD system for your company is an important step, that can dynamically influence the future of your business.

PODStar is highly configurable so it matches your required processes and improves efficiencies at the same time. Easy integration with your other information systems ensure real time, end-to-end traceability and optimal control over your supply chain, regardless of your specific area of expertise

Using a smart phone or mobile computer, your van or HGV driver can obtain an electronic signature from your client which confirms receipt of the goods or service delivered.

Whether you have a small or large fleet, PODStar will ensure you optimise your work scheduling, reduce fuel costs and improve customer service levels without adding extra complexity.

Digital POD archive

A comprehensive archive of all your POD’s, in one, easily accessible place. This means no more searching and rummaging through stacks of paper when looking for a particular POD. Further, it resolves any issues with lost or missing paper POD’s. Always there, always accessible, always findable; potentially saving you hours of lost and unproductive time.

Vehicle Checks

Automate your vehicle checks at start and end of day. Highly configurable to what is important for you, this module maintains accurate and complete records and captures a driver declaration of conformity.

These records are available to the driver for 30 days should they be required for roadside inspection.

Service level agreements (SLA)

Specific agreed time windows can be added for each delivery. If the driver is running late for a job, the operations screen will highlight this in red.

The client can be automatically emailed or messaged; the choice is yours. Reports can be generated to measure performance levels.

Satisfaction Surveys

A key measure to your driver performance. 1-5 stars and the ability to add a comment. Even if arriving late the client can add explanatory circumstances, for example, “the driver had good attitude”. This allows you to capture your customer perceptions.

Discrepancy Management

Easy to use, configurable drop-down menus on the mobile device, detailing your typical reasons for dispute or discrepancy. The outcome is instant reaction to a problem while onsite. This saves time and negates the need to phone the office.

Instant Invoicing

No more waiting for drivers to return to base with job records. PODStar will enable you to generate invoices as soon as the order is delivered; shortening the payment cycle by many days and thereby improving your cash flow.

Customer Portal

The configurable customer portal allows your chosen customers to have the flexibility to place orders, see job status, and access their own POD’s. This saves time for both you and your customers.

Granular visibility

All relevant information can be displayed on dashboards. RAG status is applied; thus, you can manage issues by exception and ignore everything that is performing as expected.

Special Instructions

Messages, detailed or brief can be added for each delivery. This can save a massive amount of time and phone costs when the driver arrives at a confusing customer site.

Vehicle loading control

By weight, volume or value. Clear visibility on loading capacities, prior to committing jobs for loading / delivery.

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