Since it’s inception, Touchstar Technologies has worked with a large number of partners in order to maximise the effectiveness of its solutions portfolio. The complete list of software and hardware partners is extensive but this page seeks to highlight those with whom we have worked formally and closely.

Software Partners

Our PODStar system can be integrated to a number of third-party software packages including ERP, Accounts and WMS. The latter provides an effective first stage automation process, notably for medium-sized organisations. Linking WMS to EPOD provides a greatly enhanced level of supply chain transparency and real-time process control. The WMS will typically govern classical aspects of the warehouse operation, including multi-client processing, receipt of goods, put-away, picking, loading of vehicles, perpetual inventory etc. EPOD will extend the visibility of stock beyond the warehouse, through to end-delivery. Integrating the two systems will allow for real-time control over functions such as stock replenishment and client invoicing. Increasing the visibility of stock control in this manner is a concept that Touchstar describe as ‘Wide-Area Warehousing’.

In theory, PODStar can be linked to any third-party software system using our own Evo-Link middleware tool. However, the software houses highlighted on this page have been formally tested and approved for integration. If you see the approved integration specialist logo displayed you can be assured that pre-tested integration will mean rapid implementation and minimal customisation will be guaranteed.

Hardware Partners

We have a special insight into hardware requirements, being a leader in the design and manufacture of rugged mobile computers for the mobile workforce environment for nearly four decades.

The PODStar software is capable of running on a variety of Android hardware, from smart phones and basic PDA units to fully ruggedised devices. The handheld application has been tried-and-tested on all mobile data networks and can operate in any country with mobile internet.

Our supported range of handheld devices (in-house & third party) is based on cutting edge technology and intelligent ergonomic design. Third party hardware includes the ranges of Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic & Samsung. We can supply the hardware direct on either a capital purchase or lease arrangement.