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Customer Testimonials

“TouchStar Technologies have been fantastic in how they’ve tailored their solution to Flogas. The pace at which they can adapt the system to meet our need to continuously improve our service has been instrumental in adding so much value into our service proposition.

The company has been essential in providing real-time delivery data so that that speed of rescheduling, that speed of customer context, where we have or haven’t delivered, is key to our service offering.”

Tim Eaton, Head of Logistics and Supply Chain, Flogas
“We had the PODStar system installed initially in our Middlesex HQ. We’ve subsequently expanded our business to cover the north of the UK and have established offices and a warehouse in Manchester. Our rapid growth saw an exponential growth in paperwork which was a nightmare until the new system enabled us to effectively go paperless. Efficiency has massively improved and error rates have plummeted”
Nicola Webb, Commercial Director, Anytime Express Transport
“In TouchStar we found an organisation whose professionalism extended beyond the excellence of the PODStar product itself, right through to the installation and support aspects of the project. Our delivery drivers appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of the system and it's helped ensure that we're legally compliant. Overall we're delighted with the system and, as we continue to expand, we look forward to a long-term relationship with TouchStar.”
Simon Platts, Director, React Transport
“TouchStar’s solution provides DCC with a highly flexible, streamlined and cost-effective operation, eliminating mistakes which arise from a paper-based system and ensuring staff spend their time providing excellent customer service.”
Michael Olesen, Distribution Manager, DCC
“Thanks to TouchStar we are now able to have more informed conversations, plan better and offer an improved service to our customers. The solution also guarantees compliance and gives us a greater degree of accuracy in our conversations with our sales team and of course our customers.”
David Hauff, Head of Logistics Services, CERTAS
“Touchstar’s PODstar system has revolutionised our delivery service. As well as saving time, the real-time visibility offered by the system means problems can be acted on immediately rather than waiting for a driver to return to the depot. Mistakes have been reduced, productivity has been increased and duplication of effort has been eradicated. Drivers aren’t slowed down by paper processes and managers are able to make informed decisions thanks to the increased flow of accurate information."
Aaron Buss, Transport Manager, VJ Technology
“Our customers can login to the cloud-based system and enter jobs, view jobs and even track their deliveries, all of which offers a significant advancement in the service that we provide to our valued clients".
Jim Anderson, Managing Director, FTS
“The ability to react quickly in our business is vital and working with TouchStar gives us complete peace of mind”
Tony Jones, Operations Manager, Northwest Media Services