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Compliance is Mandatory!

Our Vehicle Inspection Software will increase compliance, save you money and give you peace of mind.

Vehicles should be regularly inspected to ensure they are compliant with the latest legislation, reduce the risk of defects, save money on costly repairs and help reduce prohibitions such as graduated fixed penalties and Operator Compliance Risk Score points. Statistics show that vehicles that are regularly inspected have, on average, 66% less wheel defects and 57% less brake defects compared to the national average.

We all know that completing paper-based vehicle safety checks can be a chore. The inefficient nature of recording various details on paper is not only

unappealing to a driver, but also often difficult for staff to review due to messy handwriting. This can lead to details being overlooked or inaccurately recorded risking driver safety and fines.

TouchStar’s PODstar system allows drivers to complete these checks using a mobile device, which then uploads reports directly to a back office system in real time. The device can also be used to take photographs of any damage or low tyre treads, record a driver’s digital signature and capture the date, time and GPS location at the time of the check to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and eliminating paperwork. The software enables the driver to produce an on-device report which is extremely useful in the event of being stopped by the police or other officials.

Vehicle Inspection

Typical inspection routines that are carried out using our software include;

  • Roadworthiness – reporting on defects that could affect the safety, legality or reliability of your vehicle before the next scheduled inspection
  • Maintenance – in-depth visual examinations built upon the roadworthiness inspections to give valuable insights into maintenance standards and the general care of the vehicle
  • End-of-lease – an objective third-party report on the condition of vehicles before they’re returned
  • Lifting equipment – report on the operation and mechanics of lifting equipment and includes tail lifts, lorry mounted cranes, bin lifts and demountable body systems

Additional Covid-19 Checks

Our development team have introduced new functionality into the vehicle inspection module, in response to the additional demands arising from the threat of Covid-19 virus transmission.

Drivers can be prompted with a number of compulsory pre-journey cleansing and sanitising routines, all designed to ensure a safer environment within the vehicle. Drivers can indicate that these tasks have been completed, via a simple swipe on the app screen.

At the end of the work day drivers can be similarly prompted to undertake the same routines, plus additional tasks such as re-checking the level of available Personal Protection Equipment. All data is available to the fleet manager and reports can be easily generated to monitor compliance levels.

App functionality

The sample screen seen here gives an indication of the nature of the additional functionality. However, the software can be further customised should the client have particular routines or checks that need to be incorporated.


Once you've obtained the data you can build simple reports making it easier to identify potential issues with either the maintenance provider or driver. The real time dashboard report is an invaluable feature that enables the office to be kept up to date with which drivers haven’t completed the vehicle check and which vehicle check has failed. Our standard vehicle check software provides all of the above functionality but, in the event that you have special requirements, we can even customise our application to match your exact reporting requirement.

The PODStar App is available for direct download to your Android device. Simply visit the Google Play Store and search for 'TS PODStar'.

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