GENERAL LOGISTICS Sector Software. Resolves disputes & eliminates credit notes ….. & a whole lot more!

Maximise profit margins and optimise operations with Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) software specific to the logistics sector. Selecting a Touchstar EPOD system for your company is an important step, that can dynamically influence the future of your business.

PODStar is highly configurable so it matches your required processes and improves efficiencies at the same time. Easy integration with your other information systems ensure real time, end-to-end traceability and optimal control over your supply chain, regardless of your specific area of expertise

Using a smart phone or mobile computer, your van or HGV driver can obtain an electronic signature from your client which confirms receipt of the goods or service delivered.

Whether you have a small or large fleet, PODStar will ensure you optimise your work scheduling, reduce fuel costs and improve customer service levels without adding extra complexity.


You already take great care to ensure full traceability inside your four walls.
PODStar will seamlessly extend that to the point of delivery and acceptance by your customer, whilst at the same time, creating a complete digital record for your products journey. This demonstrates improved compliance and is readily auditable.

Customer portal

Give your customers their OWN unique PODStar Portal. This enables your customers to view all their orders, keep up to date with their live delivery status, have a dedicated POD archive and even PLACE new orders THEMSELVES.

No need for them to pick up the phone to you.

Dispute Resolution

PODStar reduces disputes because signing on screen means transactions are inherently easier to trace and prove.

PODStar’s real time data which includes photos, date, time and geo-location data eradicates this costly and resource-consuming issue. No more credit notes!

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Stand above your competitors delivering with the latest cloud based, digital app technology, that your customers come to expect today.

Delivery windows

Up front optimization of client delivery windows meaning no unnecessary delays as drivers routing is all pre-planned.

Cash collection

Consolidation made easier, less mistakes, time saved as the PODstar system can update instantly what’s owed and what’s been paid by each client


PODstar’s easy to use drop down menu exceptions system ensures less credit notes, time saved and happier customers as delivery discrepancies will be reported real time and acted upon immediately by the back office.

Drop & Go disclaimer

Prove you left your delivery in a safe place, with drop & go. If there is no-one there to receive it; the POD allows photo, date, time and geo-location as proof that your delivery was made successfully.

Instant invoicing

No more waiting for drivers to return to base with job records. With PODStar, you could be generating invoices as soon as the job is complete; potentially shortening the payment cycle by many days.

Include your 3rd party hauliers

The PODstar app will work on any standard iOS or Android device.
It’s a simple step for any 3rd party company that handles deliveries on your behalf to install and run the software, eliminating any delays in your receipt of PODs.


Prove cold chain temperature compliance by capturing the temperature of goods in transit and on delivery – with the added option of photo evidence. This automatically attaches to your “Real time POD”. Save time, paper and effort with no need to provide separate paper receipts.

Extra deliveries through efficiencies

PODStar gives you the tools and data to give you the full view of your dispatch and delivery operation.

This can enable more deliveries per run and ensure all your runs are effectively optimised to return the best ROI.

Digital POD archive

A comprehensive archive of all your POD’s, in one, easily accessible place. This means no more searching and rummaging through stacks of paper when looking for a particular POD.
Further, it resolves any issues with lost or missing paper POD’s. Always there, always accessible, always findable; potentially saving you hours of lost and unproductive time.

Fraud protection

Fraud happens. People take advantage of weak systems to their own advantage.
PODStar reduces fraud because, signing on screen means transactions are inherently easier to trace, and potential fraudsters know this. The robustness of PODStar’s real time data with photo(s), date, time and geo-location data further enhances your defences against this costly and resource consuming issue.

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Our product brochure provides a full overview of the PODStar product range, alongside detailed information on features and technical specifications.


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