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What we can achieve

TouchStar have developed a sophisticated middleware tool and, alternatively, comprehensive API integration capability to establish connectivity in the shortest possible timeframe. Touchstar can achieve integration with any:

  • ERP
  • Warehouse Management System (click HERE for information on our preferred WMS partners)
  • Transport Management System
  • Industry-standard Accounts Package

How we achieve it (the technical blurb!)


If your organisation already has an existing back office software systems it is generally possible for us to achieve seamless integration with the PODStar system, either in real-time or via batch processing.

The methodology used varies but is generally via one of two approaches;

a.  API – An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions and procedures that are used to automatically exchange information between systems.

PODStar has a RESTful API that can be used to fully integrate it with a client’s back office system.

Using HTTP the API allows information such as customers and jobs to be automatically created, updated and tracked without time consuming duplicated data entry procedures.

Your back office users can have real time access to the data within PODStar giving them the information they need to share with your customers regarding the status of their deliveries or collections.

b.  File Transfer - If it is not possible to integrate your software with an API integration, and you have the functionality within your software to export and import CSV files it is possible to set PODStar to use these to exchange transactional data between systems.

These files can be imported or exported by PODStar using either a manual or automatic process to suit the client’s requirements.

c.  Evolink Middleware - Evolink is a full Middleware solution that is ideal for large scale or multi-system integration projects.
EvoLink To read more click here


PODStar newsThe standard PODStar software is rich in features and functionality. However, some clients approach us with requirements for bespoke features and modules.

In these instances we will ensure that the your requirements are fully understood. An outline specification will be agreed with the client and then the development team will determine the scope of the changes required to develop the feature or module.

The client will then be advised of cost and timescale for the specified changes.

In the event that the feature or module can be made available to the wider PODStar user base the day rate quoted to the client will be a subsidised rate.