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Here, we explore the support that each EPOD customer can expect from our dedicated sales, business analysis and support personnel, and the steps we follow to ensure we deliver an EPOD solution that is perfectly suited for your unique business offering and future goals.


“In TouchStar we found an organisation whose professionalism extended beyond the excellence of the PODStar product itself, right through to the installation and support aspects of the project. Our delivery drivers appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of the system and it’s helped ensure that we’re legally compliant. Overall we’re delighted with the system and, as we continue to expand, we look forward to a long-term relationship with TouchStar.”

React Transport



Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, whether you have two vehicles or thousands, we take the time to get to know you and how your company operates, in order to maximise the benefits you can gain from the EPOD solution. In all operations there are challenges to overcome and these are often addressed with the core functionality of the system

No matter your circumstances, we will build a relationship with you and your business to establish:

  • Your unique business needs.
  • Your brand identity.
  • Why an EPOD is the right solution for your business: examples range from real time transmission of EPOD’s same/next day invoicing, control of driver workflow to a standardised level, automated, electronic start and end of day vehicle checks.

The solution

Our team of experts will provide you with a highly configurable standard, all-encompassing, solution which includes a detailed overview of the software functionality and the recommending of appropriate hardware for the operation.


We will provide in-depth software recommendations to complement and improve your existing workflow. We will demonstrate how our EPOD will create improved, efficient, and seamless processes.

Hardware out in the field

Our in-depth analysis of your business requirements will allow us to recommend and offer assistance in appropriate hardware selection.

Our software solution is device-agnostic, meaning you can select the device which best complements your unique business processes. We are able to source and fully support a comprehensive range of handheld devices.

Back office/middleware

Our middleware product recommendations will handle the interchange of information in a timely manner and provide the link between front-end vehicle-based applications and Back Office Systems.

Cloud based solutions

Our team will talk you through PODstar, our cloud-based product suite and its many capabilities. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, access information anywhere in the world and enjoy:

  • Quick rollout capability
  • High system security
  • Scalability
  • Avoid costly on-premise servers to run the application

Pricing model

Our standard pricing model will be suggested based on the number of installations required, size of fleet and the number of annual PODstar software licenses required.


With over 30 years’ experience implementing field mobile computing systems for the transport and logistics industry, we ensure an effective methodology is applied to all aspects of our solution delivery.

Project initiation

Our team sets the baseline and defines a precise target for implementing your EPOD system. We will work with you to finalise the scope of the implementation and prepare a high-level work plan, including the design and planning phase.

Project management and resourcing

You will be appointed a dedicated project manager (PM), who will be your point of contact from project inception through to its conclusion and its passing over to our support team. Our project manager will work closely with yours, ensuring critical activities are managed seamlessly between organisations.

Our PM will work alongside our development team, and dedicated resources will be pulled into the project as required. Your project schedule will then be drawn up; this will include key milestones and reviews set up early in the process.

User acceptance testing (UAT)

A critical phase of any IT project, user acceptance testing (UAT) requires significant participation from end users. UAT works to certify that your systems work in-line with your expectations. We will remotely support your UAT approach as part of our QA and project plans.

Risk Management

At TouchStar we believe that identifying and managing risks is crucial to the success of a project. Using an active risk register, the project team will define risks and associated actions, monitor progress and manage issues accordingly.

Quality assurance

Throughout the project delivery life cycle, our team will monitor and control quality assurance. A QA Plan will be created and used throughout the configuration, customisation, integration and deployment phases to guide the level of testing to ensure your business requirements are met.


Once the rollout of your project is completed, the services are passed over to our dedicated support desk to manage. You will receive full customer support by phone and by email via our dedicated support portal.

Future account management

We will also offer our major accounts a dedicated account manager. This role is designed to bridge the gap between normal, transactional activities and future strategic objectives, as well as introducing and gathering concepts of how our solutions can be enhanced.

We offer at least six-monthly account reviews which will cover a range of items including:

  • Critical or urgent issues
  • Support effectiveness and review of tickets raised
  • Commercial considerations
  • System enhancement or developments
  • Product road map
  • AOB