date23 October 2017

How to customise an EPOD system for your business

Even in its simplest form, an electronic proof-of-delivery (EPOD) system is likely to improve your business’s operations significantly. To get the most from your investment, however, you need something that meets your needs specifically.

Rather than assume all businesses are the same, we’ve created an innovative EPOD solution that offers fantastic flexibility. There are plenty of ways to integrate the PODStar system with your business – below are five great examples.

Hook it up to your existing system

 Chances are your business already has a familiar software system back at base. Rather than rip that up to start over, why not let it work hand in hand with the PODStar EPOD system? Whatever solution you use, it’s generally possible for us to achieve seamless integration with the two, either in real-time using an API (Application Programming Interface) or via batch processing. Either way, your new EPOD system will be ready to complement your existing software rather than replace it completely.

Track your own way

When it comes to tracking your mobile workforce, you have two options: either follow movement through the GPS-equipped proof-of-delivery devices carried by your drivers or have a hard-wired box installed in each vehicle. By tracking through a hard-wired box, you’ll see every single movement – whether the vehicle is being used for deliveries or not. Choose the other option and you can make use of the mobile devices your drivers are already carrying.

Choose your own devices

We all like to work in our own ways, and you and your drivers will no doubt have preferences when it comes to mobile devices and operating systems. Our EPOD dashboard can be displayed on pretty much any device, including tablet computers, smartphones and even televisions – depending on your needs. So, instead of forcing everyone to use a new interface or in-cab computer, let your EPOD system work for you on the hardware you’ve already invested in. If your needs change in time, you’re free to update your devices as necessary.

Tailor your performance reports

Our EPOD system offers a standard set of performance reports so you easily can see how your fleet is doing at any given time. For even greater insights, though, the system can export all data fields so you can create your own reports – containing the exact details you want – quickly and efficiently. With a better understanding of how your operation is going, you’re able to make better business decisions in shorter timeframes.

Work with our development team

Every business has its own needs. Whatever you’re looking for in an EPOD system, we can probably make it happen. We’ll work closely with you to understand your objectives before putting together a bespoke solution designed specifically for you. Once the specification has been outlined, our development team will determine what’s possible, how long it will take and how much it will cost – you then have the option to go ahead or not. So, while our EPOD system in its standard form is rich with features and simple to use, there are plenty of opportunities to tweak and configure it to meet your requirements.

To find out more about the technology on offer, get in touch today.