date21 June 2019

Combine tracking and EPOD for a complete solution

There’s no shortage of digitised fleet management systems on the market today, and each one has its key capabilities. From telematics solutions that record data about how your delivery vehicles are driven, to route optimisation software that identifies the most efficient routes in real-time, it’s possible to optimise virtually every aspect of fleet management through digital technology.   

However, opting for separate specialist software systems doesn’t always guarantee the most effective digital set up for a logistics company. Instead, choosing an application that provides many integrated features within a single system - such as one that can track your drivers and record electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) - simplifies solution procurement and maintenance, boosts your purchasing power and streamlines and enhances the task of fleet management, as we explore here.

The benefits of vehicle tracking and EPOD in a single solution

Tracking the live location of your drivers when they’re on shift and electronically logging proof of delivery are both essential abilities for any delivery fleet manager. Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s vital to invest in an EPOD solution that integrates these features:

An additional level of EPOD verification

When a driver can capture electronic signatures, time stamps and photos of an item in situ at the point of delivery, EPOD systems provide robust evidence that an item has been delivered successfully or logged for alternative arrangements. With a solution that also records the delivery driver’s whereabouts at the time of delivery, a location stamp adds further substantiation to POD, minimising missing goods and customer disputes.

Safer, swifter delivery driving 

Tracking works for both your drivers in the field and your team back at base. Your drivers benefit from live maps to guide them and real-time route updates from HQ, in response to traffic problems or road closures. For your office team, being able to ‘see’ each driver and vehicle as they go about their shifts ensures optimum operational efficiency. But, with the limited working space of a vehicle cab, your drivers can’t afford the clutter of multiple mobile devices.

Integrated vehicle tracking and EPOD software means they only need one device to direct them on the move, display job information and record delivery progress, ensuring a clearer cab, minimal distractions and less time spent switching between systems and hardware.

A complete business intelligence view

Combined tracking and EPOD software effectively oversee the entire delivery process, tracking the driver as he / she travels towards each delivery destination and logging their actions once they arrive and attempt to deliver the goods. When this operational chain of events is monitored within a single system, it’s possible to quickly and directly compare the data generated by different stages of the process, for maximum business insight.

For example, with a multi-feature EPOD solution, you could find out exactly how long each of your drivers spends carrying out each of their responsibilities – driving, delivery, breaks etc – without having to export reports from different systems and manually compare them. This holistic view enables you to identify patterns and trends in your operational data with ease, many of which could go undiscovered if left in separate systems.

Choose a fully-optimised EPOD solution for best practice fleet management 

At Touchstar, our PODStar software boasts a range of indispensable features within a single solution, including tracking, route optimisation, job scheduling and vehicle inspection. It’s so much more than an EPOD system so, for more information about what PODStar can help your business achieve, please get in touch with us today.