date18 November 2019

The benefits of cloud-based EPOD solutions

At times, it seems the only predictable thing about business is its unpredictability. Markets shift, consumer trends emerge out of nowhere and technology continues to digitise how we work in ways that are increasingly advanced. With all this instability, businesses need a digital infrastructure that’s flexible, accessible and scalable; all achievable with cloud technology.

‘The cloud’ is a virtual space that’s connected to internet in which you can host, store and protect digital information, rather than having it saved on a single computer. This means that the information is accessible to any internet-connected device with the right permissions, from anywhere in the world. At Touchstar, all of our mobile computing solutions are software as a service (SAAS) applications based in the cloud, including PODStar, our Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) system. Let’s take a close look at the benefits of choosing a cloud-based EPOD solution.

Ultimate remote accessibility and operational agility

One of the most important advantages of the cloud is the fact that an EPOD system and the data it contains can be accessed from anywhere, providing a user has a device that’s connected to the internet. In terms of EPOD, every driver in your fleet can access  the information they need – job information, delivery routes etc - at the touch of a button wherever they are in the field, either on their own smartphone via a mobile app, or on a fit-for-purpose mobile computer or PDA.

And, of course, it works the other way too; drivers can submit invoices as soon as a delivery is made, send vehicle maintenance checks, and even holiday requests, timesheets and expense data in the field, rather than having to wait until they’re back at base. The office and the entire EPOD system comes with them on every job, and fleet managers see delivery progress as its made.

What’s more, as information is pooled together in a single virtual space, updates filter through to everyone automatically as soon as they’re logged, which prevents the out-of-date info that’s such a risk with separate systems and data silos. However, this doesn’t mean individual users can’t tailor the way they interact with the system. Each driver or system user can customise the application to best suit their role and responsibilities, without affecting the common infrastructure.

Enterprise-grade security

When it comes to cloud-based systems, security is a common concern. A great deal of business information and digital assets are confidential and highly sensitive, so isn’t it less susceptible to breaches stored on a closed computer network or server than it would be online?

The answer is no. Like all of our solutions, PODStar is based on the industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud platform, in which over a billion dollars a year is invested in security. All data is encrypted, protected against cyberattack by over 3,500 cybersecurity experts and, while Azure is home to many different networks, each one is segregated and secure. We can pass these world-class security credentials on to our customers, so you can rest assured that your business information will be safely stored and backed up. 

As Microsoft continue to improve key features and roll out software security updates, such as reliability and redundancy, OS backward compatibility and upgrade paths, PODStar is updated automatically. Freedom from physical servers When your digital software infrastructure is hosted in the cloud, there’s no need for your business to have its own physical storage space. You won’t need expensive, power-hungry servers, the room to house them or to maintain them, it’s all taken care of for you, off-site.

This also means you’ll never need to invest in a new server with increased capacity in the event that your business needs change. Cloud based systems are completely scalable, flexing or becoming more streamlined to align with your business as it grows over time.

Clouds on the horizon

Adopting a cloud-based EPOD system can instantly enable a business to act faster, react more quickly and work more efficiently. With the backup of enterprise-grade cloud technology, our EPOD customers can get on with delivering superior customer service to their clients, knowing their digital management solution will always be there to support them, anytime and from anywhere.

To find out more about our cloud-based Electronic Proof of Delivery technology, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.