date08 October 2019

How do Touchstar optimise service management of our client’s EPOD systems?  

When specifying a ‘PODStar’ system our entire team, from sales to business analysts and senior management, are focused on understanding the detail of the client operation. Our goal is to solve the client’s most pressing ‘pain points’ and identify issues that may be preventing companies from optimising their processes. By identifying and implementing the right combination of hardware technology and EPOD software within their existing workflow processes, we help our clients minimise the disruption to their ongoing operations during the implementation phase. But what happens once a system goes ‘live’? How does Touchstar ensure we’re providing optimized IT service management?  

Our goals are simple, we want our clients to benefit from;  

Quick reaction time: We give structure and a precise overview to client IT administration operations. With Remote Management, clients can account for all their IT systems from a central location.

Increased Efficiency: Clients can create individual policies and take preventative action before users even notice an issue.

Reduced costs: By centrally accounting for their IT systems and being proactive, Touchstar clients reduce costly downtime and prevent possible data loss.

In order to meet the above objectives, Touchstar has committed to a close partnership with TeamViewer who have developed a market-leading remote management platform. Touchstar’s reputation depends upon the robustness and reliability of its systems and the calibre of supporting services must be equally high. Touchstar undertook a comprehensive study of available systems and a thorough evaluation of the TeamViewer offering before committing to the partnership.  TeamViewer™ is the world’s most-loved remote desktop tool with over 30,000 new downloads every hour. Currently, there are over 2.0 billion live TeamViewer IDs that access the world’s largest and fastest remote connection network. TeamViewer is clearly a superior platform to rival systems and allows Touchstar to provide first class remote control and support.

The key attributes of the Touchstar-TeamViewer offering include the following;


We monitor devices proactively.

Using TeamViewer we set up checks like online status, disk health and memory usage, and get notified when a certain threshold is exceeded. TeamViewer Monitoring provides clients with an overview of the critical aspects of their systems from one place. By defining groups of devices and creating individual check policies, we can adjust TeamViewer Monitoring to the client’s specific needs.

Asset Management

We can view all your deployed assets within seconds.

TeamViewer Asset Management provides Touchstar with a solution to view and generate reports on all client hardware, installed software and more with only a few clicks. We can determine what version a software is, and when it was installed or modified. We can detect inappropriate software and eliminate risks. With TeamViewer Asset Management we have continuous and real-time visibility of every facet of your PODStar system.

Endpoint Protection

We protect your devices against malicious software.

Keep your computers clean and safe. TeamViewer Endpoint Protection protects your computers against threats such as viruses, ransomware, Trojans, rootkits and spyware. 24/7 – no matter if on- or offline. Determine time, scope and thoroughness of each check-policy and apply them to different computers or groups. Don’t worry about updates anymore – TeamViewer Endpoint Protection maintains itself and is always up to date to ensure maximum safety.  


We protect your EPOD system against disaster

TeamViewer Backup is a simple, hassle-free, and reliable solution to endpoint data protection. We can deploy and activate TeamViewer Backup remotely within seconds. Client data will be stored in the cloud using the highest security standards. Clients have peace of mind in knowing that their data is stored safely and – in case of disaster – is always available.