date05 July 2018

The importance of real-time notifications for your business

In today’s ‘instant’ world, we’ve come to expect an almost constant stream of up-to-date information. Between social media, 24-hour news channels and mobile news updates, there’s not much we’re not aware of as soon as it happens.

It should be no different for your business. Having an up-to-the-minute view of your remote operational activity has multiple benefits across a number of key areas, and should be an important contributor to an organisation-wide data feed. Here’s how an electronic proof-of-delivery (EPOD) solution can provide this real-time visibility.

Swift invoicing for improved cash flow

An EPOD solution like ours enables your workforce to create PODs (‘Proof of Delivery’ confirmations) for completed jobs in the field right then and there, via a smartphone app or a rugged handheld. With a notification system built in, your accounts team back at base can then raise electronic invoices or supplier payments as soon as they’re alerted, speeding up the process to a potentially instant transaction. EPOD software also integrates seamlessly with your accounting application, so you can work with your invoices in whatever format you prefer.

Not only does this real-time workflow increase productivity, reduce the risk of errors and cut back on physical paperwork, it allows your accounting team to spend more of their valuable time ensuring invoices and payments are fulfilled when most cost-effective. Your business achieves better cash flow and a smoother accounting process.

Responsive route planning for an unbeatable fleet

Traffic jams, accidents and unexpected road closures can all affect the efficiency of your fleet. Your remote workforce may not have time to check a field-wide view of their routes in real-time, but with EPOD notifications, you can send instant updates through to their in-cab computer or handheld device from a central hub, keeping them moving at optimum capacity. You can also update jobs and manifests with immediate notice, and without any risk of overloading your vehicles, thanks to the built-in safeguarding system.

With the foresight to sidestep problems on the road, your fleet racks up less unnecessary mileage, less costly fuel consumption and less vehicle maintenance. Monitor the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet and receive immediate notification if one of them strays from its planned route.

Driver tracking for maximum visibility

It’s not just your vehicles you can choose to track with an EPOD solution; handheld devices also enable you to trace the movements of your drivers. Performance notifications keep you informed of individual driver progress on a moment-to-moment basis, feeding into a data store and building detailed productivity reports over time. Use this information to pick up on any recurring issues or pressure points, improving workflow in the field for you and your remote workforce.

Real-time notifications are your eyes and ears in the field   

Short of travelling alongside each of your drivers and vehicles in the field every day, real-time EPOD notifications offer the best way to stay in the know about everything that could affect remote productivity, planned and otherwise. With the ability to directly transmit vital information at the touch of a button, both you and your remote workforce can deliver the best possible proficiency and professionalism for your customers and clients. The value of many forms of information quickly decreases over time, so choose an EPOD solution that enables your business to capitalise on new intel when its at its most beneficial. Our EPOD systems provide instant notification alerts and so much more, giving you the power to react to an ever-changing remote working environment. Contact us now to learn more about the real-time capabilities of our EPOD solutions.