date05 July 2018

What’s EPOD technology worth to your business? 

Despite the benefits of electronic proof-of-delivery (EPOD) systems being widely recognised, many businesses within the logistics industry are missing out on this invaluable technology.

Recent research suggests that it can be difficult to get stakeholders to subscribe to an investment in EPOD, tending to view it as simply another overhead. All too often, budget limitations prevent EPOD implementation, when in reality, it’s capable not only of saving money but actually generating returns.

Cost-effective tech

EPOD has the potential to help businesses start making immediate gains. From the moment it’s in place, responsive, real-time logistic insight helps to ensure a higher number of deliveries are completed first time around, instantly cutting much of the wastage associated with unknown factors.

With a flexible estimated time of delivery to work to, failed deliveries can be drastically reduced and the profit-eroding costs of second deliveries eliminated. Missed deliveries are a significant drain on resources for many businesses, so much so that accepting minimal empty space in a van load, due to removing pre-loaded yet cancelled orders, is less of a burden. 

Thanks to uninterrupted visibility across your fleet combined with up-to-the-minute field information, the most economical route is always within reach. As the number of successful deliveries increases and time spent getting orders out is scaled back, cost savings extend to fuel, mileage time, vehicle maintenance and driver hours. With the ability to keep them in the loop, your business can provide a better service for customers, leading to higher satisfaction levels, enhanced reputation and less time spent by your teams responding to customer queries.  

The power to update and optimise your delivery routes, maintain constant contact with your fleet and keep customers informed means EPOD technology has rapid cost-saving benefits that exceed far beyond its initial outlay.

EPOD as a profit generator?

While facilitating cost reductions is one thing, the ability to create extra revenue would make the business case for EPOD all but undeniable. Can EPOD really make a company money?

The answer lies in just how much money an EPOD solution can allow a business to save. Say implementing EPOD enables your business to cut operational expenses by 15 percent, simply via boosting the number of first-time deliveries. Depending on your company’s running costs and profit margin, this alone could be enough to tip the balance into the black.

Alternatively, say EPOD’s route optimisation feature makes it possible to reduce your fleet’s miles on the road by 10 percent. A large-scale business with a hypothetical fuel bill of £15 million could add up to £1.5 million to their bottom line. What’s more, more efficient route planning also has the potential to help you make a sustained reduction in the number of vehicles out on the road, saving extra money.

EPOD’s financial impact will no doubt vary from business to business, but figures like these can help to make the difference when pitching this technology to stakeholders. While improved productivity, actionable business intelligence and better customer service are all notable benefits, the profit potential may be the deciding factor behind a decision to implement EPOD software.

At Touchstar, our EPOD systems are designed to provide tangible and direct return on investment, streamlining your business processes while turning avoidable expense into extra income. Find out more about what we can help your business achieve by getting in touch with our expert team.