date06 July 2021

Managing subcontracted drivers with EPOD software  

Fleet managers play a pivotal role in the overall success of a business. They are responsible for handling all elements of fleet activities within an organisation, including managing drivers, analysing data, negotiating with suppliers, vehicle maintenance and maintaining compliance.

The role is multi-faceted and comes with an array of duties and responsibilities. With numerous daily tasks to carry out, effective methods of streamlining processes for fleet managers is both welcomed and necessary. Here we explore how use of an electronic proof of delivery system (EPOD) can simplify processes for fleet managers who use temporary or seasonal fleet drivers.

Temporary fleet drivers

Like all industries, peaks and troughs occur in line with seasonal spikes and consumer demand – the logistics industry is no different. It is not uncommon for fleet managers to rely on the resources of temporary or seasonal drivers to cope with peaks of demand and spikes of activity within their field.  

But how can fleet managers unlock the benefits of using temporary drivers while ensuring a simplified process and seamless integration into their organisation? The answer is an EPOD system.

Managing subcontractors with EPOD software

If you are managing subcontractors or looking to integrate temporary staff to your fleet, the process can be simplified in several ways with use of EPOD software:

(a)    Rapid system implementation

As a cloud-based back-end coupled with a readily downloadable front-end app, we offer the capability to get your subcontractors up and running, and reaping all the system’s many benefits, as quickly as possible.

(b)   Accessibility

There is nothing more frustrating than joining a workforce and being unable to access the required data, features and systems of an inflexible IT infrastructure. The cloud-based PODStar system is different – and all it takes to access its countless features is a smart phone or mobile computer. Once logged onto the system, all fleet drivers, temporary or permanent, can easily obtain an electronic signature from customers and enjoy features such as real time invoicing, job planning and scheduling, route planning and vehicle/driver tracking to name a few. 

(c)     Visibility and accuracy

PODStar seamlessly automates the data flow between drivers, office staff and management to ensure a guaranteed paperless workflow. Real-time visibility ensures newly/temporarily onboarded fleet drivers are immediately aware of the days planned activities and can log their subsequent deliveries. This not only increases accuracy, reduces duplication of effort, and means subcontractors are immediately productive and not slowed down by paper processes.

(d)   Management Control

The PODStar system is compatible with a variety of Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems and we actively recommend the running of such system, in parallel with the EPOD software. This combination enables full central control over the issuing of app upgrades and updates. Through use of the MDM the entire hardware installed base can be refreshed via the click of a button making it perfect for the third party subcontractor business model.

(e)   Support

As well as the countless operational, IT, financial and administrative benefits that subcontractors can unlock through PODStar, support is of paramount importance to TouchStar. Not only does PODStar boast quick and seamless deployment, but fleet managers will receive a full guide and personal support from an in-house engineer to get all staff up and running in the shortest possible time.

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