date10 February 2017

Simple EPOD system to reduce business complexity

With so many stages and steps; multiple people involved and time pressures throughout, the delivery process has long been seen as complex, but with the use of new technology such as the EPOD system, simplicity is right around the corner. The Electronic Proof of Delivery system or EPOD is helping a wide variety of companies to get delivery right first time in easy to manage ways. Here’s how EPOD can aid your business and make your processes simpler:

A simple and effective job entry system

The EPOD system comes with a highly accessible system dashboard which delivers information in real time. The job entry system is powered by a web-based back office system. When jobs are entered into the system, they are automatically sent out to your drivers or held to await allocation using the web-based route planning (see below). Furthermore, the EPOD system can enhance efficiency further by automatically allocating jobs onto vehicles, in the most logical order according to their position and planned delivery schedule.

Providing proof of delivery

Used across the Internet or via GPS, the EPOD system can be used on many devices from smart phones to fully rugged devices. Once a driver has downloaded the system they have full access, allowing them to receive their jobs and complete them in real time. The system is highly accessible and can be used in areas of poor signal. Driver efficiency is increased too, as they are no longer required to keep track of countless paper forms - with barcodes being used, there is no need to manually input order numbers. A quick scan and all the relevant information is there ready for the recipient signature.

Route planning and optimisation

The web-based route planning tool allows you to make easy work of your existing manual process of allocating jobs using real-time information. The EPOD system allows you to allocate jobs to the most relevant vehicles based on their delivery plan and current schedule. This flexibility reduces complexity and further enhances the efficiency. The EPOD system can also automatically allocate jobs onto vehicles in the most effective order to display the route on the map which will, in time, save business fuel costs and time on the road.

Vehicle reminders

The EPOD system can ease complexity with regards to remembering regulatory requirements, such as vehicle tax, MOT and vehicle service dates. Renewal dates can be stored onto the system and reminders will be provided in advance of the due dates, allowing you to ensure that requirements are met.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that the EPOD system can ease business complexity. If you want to make your business processes simpler, then get in touch today and find out how we can help you. Call us on 0161 874 5050 or email