date03 January 2018

Five reasons to invest in GPS tracking of your fleet

Running a logistics operation is no simple task, especially if you’re in charge of a large fleet. One way many fleet managers are making their jobs easier, though, is by investing in GPS tracking. Having greater visibility of staff and vehicle locations can make a real difference to productivity and costs. Below, we’ve compiled some of the biggest reasons to invest in GPS tracking for your fleet.

Cheaper insurance

Transportation firms usually pay big money to insure their vehicles and drivers, especially when HGVs are being used. However, many providers offer discounts for customers who install tracking equipment. This is because it can be used not only to track movements, but also driving style and safety. So, your investment could pay for itself before too long, simply by cutting your monthly insurance premiums.

Asset security

Knowing the exact location of each vehicle in your fleet can be a huge security benefit, not only for the vehicles themselves but for the assets within them. If one is stolen, either while being used or during downtime, you can pass data on to the police to help with recovery efforts. Advertising that each vehicle is being tracked may also deter would-be thieves.

Monitoring driver activity

Seeing how drivers use their vehicles day-to-day will help you find new streamlining opportunities. Data showing the speeds they travel at, the locations they visit most often, vehicle downtime and which routes are most effective can be used to make tweaks. It may be that certain drivers are regularly speeding or are braking too harshly, but by identifying and addressing these issues, you stand to save on maintenance costs over time. You have options here too – either monitor in real-time, at the end of each day, or generate periodic reports to work with.

Improved maintenance management

Overviews of daily activity can help fleet managers better manage vehicle maintenance. You could, for example, set up mileage alerts so you know exactly when each vehicle is due for its next service. Or, if a vehicle breaks down while on a job, you can pass on its exact location to the repair team. The result is a healthier fleet, safer drivers and reduced downtime.

Provide a better service for your customers

GPS tracking will allow you to give your customers accurate delivery times, rather than simply specifying which day their order is likely to show up. And, with automatically optimised routes, these delivery times should be sooner rather than later. Recipients are left happier and more likely to use your business again – everybody wins!

These are just a few of the biggest reasons to invest in fleet tracking – there are plenty more to consider, including reduced paperwork, greater timekeeping and improved safety. And, with our help, implementing GPS across your fleet needn’t be difficult.