date12 April 2021

Think your business isn’t big enough to need EPOD software? Here’s why you should think again

Whether you are part of a small or medium operation or larger enterprise, it is crucial to make efficiencies, boost customer retention, streamline processes and strive to make operations as slick as possible. Each of these factors can be facilitated through the effective use of an electronic proof of delivery system (EPOD).

Vital for the efficient running of a business, an EPOD system will help to safeguard organisations, improve operational processes and assist growth. Its benefits and a measurable ROI will be evident, regardless of the business size.

We explore the advantages of EPOD system software and what benefits a proof of delivery system will provide for operations, large or small.

The rise of UK small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

According to UK government data, there were 6 million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK in 2020, which was over 99 percent of all business. For SMEs to not only survive but thrive, steps must be taken to consistently improve operations, efficiencies and achieve superb customer service. This is where an EPOD system can help.

EPOD systems: The benefits

Whether your business is a small operation or larger enterprise, every industry with a mobile workforce providing a delivery service can benefit from an EPOD system. Investing in an EPOD system will deliver countless operational, financial and IT business benefits to aid the growth of small and large operations alike. These include:

1. An automated, paperless system

Time-consuming manual data entry and frustrating delays in data processing are a thing of the past with EPOD software. Operating in real-time, your office-based workforce is armed with instant data, vastly reducing the burden of paperwork. Administrative tasks, such as processing paperwork, are more time efficient with error rates being greatly reduced through the EPOD’s automated system. This not only saves time, improves efficiency and aids better customer service, but it also saves significant time and money which would have before been wasted in the search for lost POD paperwork.

2. Improved customer service

An emphasis on customer service is vital, from small start-up businesses through to larger enterprises that operate across multiple locations. If you are a small organisation, building upon your customer base, focusing on client retention, and providing the right level of service to facilitate growth is key. An EPOD system will ensure businesses are proactive and delivering enhanced customer communication to provide the expected level of service.

Over time, customer expectations have evolved and businesses must use the right software to not only keep up with but exceed client needs and expectations. This is where an EPOD system plays a crucial role: ·        

  • An EPOD system keeps your customers informed throughout every stage of the delivery process. 
  • Real-time interaction with customers makes for better all-around customer service and aids customer retention and growth. 
  • Pre-delivery, delivery tracking and EPOD notifications keep customers updated at every stage and provides them with professional, customer-facing proof of delivery.    
  • A smooth service combined with regular communication builds brand trust and loyalty.
  • Improved accuracy and quality of information going to customers improves customer service. 
  • Real-time visibility means business can react and solve problems fast, improving customer experience. 
  • User-friendly EPOD applications reduce stress for drivers out in the field, increasing the likelihood of them delivering excellent customer service.

3. Environmentally-friendly operations

Countless businesses across the globe are constantly striving to adopt and improve environmentally friendly business operations, and EPOD system features will contribute to this important ethos.  

Not only is the EPOD paperless system environmentally friendly, but your business can significantly reduce its carbon footprint and fuel consumption through efficient routing calculated by state-of-the-art software.

4. Workforce benefits

The use of paperless delivery documents, real-time visibility and cloud-based software boasts several benefits to your workforce:      

  • Office-based staff can act upon real-time updates received from drivers in the field, responding to issues faster and reducing administrative tasks.    
  • Jobs can be reallocated or re-routed thanks to up-to-date information. 
  • Internal communication time is greatly reduced through a paperless system.
  • Productivity out in the field and in the office is boosted. 
  • Processes across several departments can be improved through integrated business systems and access to valuable data.

Reap the benefit of EPOD systems today  

If you are a small business or enterprise and are looking to make business-critical efficiencies through EPOD systems, contact Touchstar today.