date01 June 2022

How does Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) work?  

What is an electronic proof of delivery?

Electronic proof of delivery also referred to as EPOD, is a digitalized version of delivery notes which is a document that confirms completed deliveries for businesses and customers. The EPOD software enables those making the deliveries to capture real-time data which confirms their successful, or unsuccessful, delivery. By replacing the traditional paperwork, digital proof of delivery systems saves time, improves operational efficiencies and give workers in the field higher levels of flexibility. It also gives personnel in the office real-time data on delivery statuses and control over the activities.

The capabilities of each EPOD system will depend on the software but can include electronic signatures, route planning, delivery images and vehicle inspections. Some software can also be tailored to your business to ensure your operational needs are fully met by introducing a new system.  

How does EPOD work?

An EPOD software works by connecting personnel on the road and in the office, and consists of two main components:

  • A mobile application that is used by those in the field to collect delivery information
  • A web-based dashboard that is used by office staff to manage, modify and monitor data.

The two components work together to create an effective workflow and communication line between the office and field staff as the mobile app transmits data collected in the field to the back office. It also enables drivers to collect proof of delivery in real-time and also access any additional information they may need en-route.  

What can be achieved with EPOD software?

Although the initial job of EPOD is to obtain an electronic signature or photo of a successful delivery, many solutions, including PODStar, offer a more integrated approach which is triggered by the delivery. This helps to guarantee a streamlined operation throughout the delivery process and makes the most of the system, rather than simply using it as a signature collection point.


Once a signature has been obtained, the data is sent in real-time to the back office system which then allows the invoicing of a delivery to be reconciled and sent to the customer in a more efficient manner. The invoices or supplier payments can also be sent electronically from the same system, ensuring consistency and helping to improve cash flow.

Job planning & scheduling

To ensure a more efficient route is taken by drivers, planning and scheduling tools are key to delivery operations. They help to order deliveries in a logical and useful way automatically, with manual override where needed.

Route planning & optimisation

Once jobs have been ordered, they need to be effectively assigned to routes and drivers in a streamlined way, ensuring a delivery can be completed in a set time frame and a vehicle has the package capacity. Using EPOD systems, this can be done automatically with manual checks and sent to drivers in real-time and shown on a maps systems for directions. This allows for updates to routes where needed (such as for unexpected traffic), making sure the route remains efficient throughout the day.

Vehicle & driver tracking

From the back office, staff can track their drivers and vehicles using the EPOD system and can track their speed and location. This is a helpful tool when needing to check a driver's status and where they currently are on their route. The data is also fed into a driver profile so all information is kept in one place which reduces the need for different systems.


As with many businesses, PODStar believes that the safety of drivers and customers is paramount. To help make sure compliance, reminders can be sent to drivers for MOTs, tax, insurance and services to ensure these key safety elements are kept on top of and adhered to. The EPOD app also integrates vehicle checks within the app so drivers can keep real-time logs of any inspections and issues they find.

Driver admin

Through the EPOD app, drivers are also able to log timesheets, holiday requests and expenses. Not only does this reduce the paperwork needed, but it also reduces the time spent on administration tasks by both office staff and drivers. In addition, the information is fed into the back end system for planning and scheduling deliveries, updating when drivers are unable to work on their requested holiday.


An effective EPOD system not only ensures a range of real-time data is collected from deliveries, but also that reports can be generated on the performance of the deliveries and their drivers. It’s possible to see if a particular area causes delays due to ongoing roadworks or if a driver isn’t hitting their time markers as they should. This integrated approach makes it easy for any business to understand the benefits that the EPOD system is bringing to their operations.  

What are the benefits of using EPOD?

There are many benefits to both a business and its customers when implementing an electronic proof of the delivery system. One of the biggest benefits is improving the operational efficiency of the business by increasing productivity. Part of this is the reduction in paperwork for both field staff and office staff which saves time in the filling out of forms and the search for any missing paperwork.

Another part of the efficiencies introduced by EPOD software is the scheduling and optimising of routes to ensure drivers are effectively using their time and fuel to make all the deliveries needed. EPOD systems also offer a better service to customers through a smoother delivery, with no paperwork, plus customers can receive real-time information on their delivery such as a delivery time or how long until they will receive their parcel. If a delivery is missed, a customer can also receive an image of the safely stored items so it's easier to find. From both the business and customers' perspectives, it can also lead to fewer customer disputes as there is a digital copy of all their delivery information which can be shared if there is an issue.  

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Introducing an EPOD system can be incredibly beneficial to a company and its staff by streamlining operations and improving efficiencies across the business processes. Here at TouchStar, we have used our many years of experience to develop PODStar, an adaptable electronic proof of delivery solution for any business in any sector to improve customer service, reduce paperwork and increase real-time data. Get in touch with our expert team to find out more.