date19 August 2019

How to choose the right EPOD partner for your business

The best Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) solutions can do so much more than capture delivery data. Today’s software systems digitally streamline the entire logistics process, creating time and cost savings throughout a delivery operation.

EPOD systems like these are responsive, scalable solutions capable of developing alongside your organisation. To get the most from an investment in this technology, you need an experienced EPOD supplier who can provide support and guidance far beyond your initial purchase. Digital partnerships are paving the way for the logistics industry of tomorrow; 70% of executives surveyed by The Economist Intelligence Unit say companies going it alone (without digital partnerships) will soon be a thing of the past. Make sure your chosen EPOD partner can offer your business the following key credentials and services.

Specialist knowledge and extensive experience

There are digital management systems for virtually every industry these days, but it’s important to choose one that’s designed for the unique needs of delivery and logistics companies. The same goes for software providers; an EPOD partner should be a specialist in the logistics sector, with a hands-on understanding of what delivery companies require in an optimisation solution.

This level of insight is built up over time, so it makes sense to opt for an EPOD provider with many years of proven experience. Having been at the forefront of logistics optimisation since 1985, we have both the knowledge and track record, as our customers attest.

Integration and customisation expertise

Management software is essential for business; chances are you will need an EPOD solution that can integrate seamlessly with your existing and legacy systems, and a partner with the know-how to implement this swiftly and effectively. Recent research by Courier News found that over half of logistics companies surveyed (53%) stated that their EPOD solution had been connected to other internal IT systems.

Our expert teams can integrate our EPOD system with a wide range of ERP, accounting and management systems, via our API or by way of a file transfer. You may also need additional functionality on top of what’s provided with a standard EPOD solution, at the point of installation or at a later date. There should be scope to customise software to your unique specifications, which requires an EPOD partner with specialist software development capabilities, such as ours.  

Ongoing customer service and support

With so many features and benefits of EPOD software, it’s no good sourcing a system from a provider who simply supplies the software and nothing else. An EPOD company worth partnering with should carry out a full and efficient software installation and integration, and offer training on your new system should you need it, as well as ongoing system maintenance and service.

As an EPOD partner chosen by many leading logistics organisations, Touchstar supports its customers to ensure they get the most of their software, from the moment it’s installed and as their organisations continue to evolve. We also offer a 24/7 ‘rapid response’ call-out service so that, in the rare event that anything goes wrong with your system, we’ll be there to rectify it as soon as possible.

Team up with an EPOD partner you can rely on

Not only are our EPOD solutions market-leading, we pride ourselves on the relationship we build with our customers as a technology partner. Our comprehensive approach to EPOD and its capabilities for logistics companies has helped us build a strong and loyal customer base (check out the 'What Our Customers Say' section of this website). Get in touch with us today to find out what Touchstar’s EPOD systems, expertise and support could help your business achieve.