date29 May 2018

How EPOD can increase profit for your business

A growing number of businesses are investing in electronic proof-of-delivery (EPOD) systems to help streamline their operations. These tools do come at a cost but choose the right one and the eventual returns will undoubtedly outweigh your initial spend. As our existing customers will know, an EPOD solution can boost a company’s profitability in various ways. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most obvious.

Reduce storage and printing spend

Work with paper and you’ll always be paying out on printing and storage costs. And, the larger your business grows, the more you’ll be required to spend on materials and archiving space – it’s all relative. By moving to EPOD and doing away with handwritten forms, however, you’ll eradicate these costs completely. All of your records will be kept securely and digitally on a central system, meaning you can get to them quickly from anywhere without having to spend anything extra.

Free up time for more valuable tasks

EPOD makes both recording and accessing your delivery information a lot easier, meaning your staff will have more time to spend on tasks that require more attention, like helping customers and getting to delivery points safely. As a result, you’re able to provide a much more efficient and refined service that helps to ensure your customers keep coming back – and that they keep investing in your business.

More efficiency, more deliveries

An EPOD system that helps to manage and organise your drivers’ tasks as well as record delivery information will help ensure they’re working efficiently every day. And, with more deliveries being completed in the same allocated working time, you’re able to increase profits across the business. What’s more, with less pressure on your fleet, you’re likely to notice improvements in driver safety and happiness – this could translate into reduced staff turnover and lower vehicle maintenance costs too.

Faster processing

However much care your drivers take, it’s inevitable that items will be damaged in transit from time to time. When this does happen, it’s crucial that you handle your customer’s claims quickly and keep hassle to a minimum. An EPOD system will help you do that by giving easy and immediate access to accurate delivery records, meaning you can assess the situation and act accordingly without any delay. Instead of being disgruntled at the unavoidable delivery issues, your customer is more likely to appreciate your swift response and then return in the future.

Help is at hand

Electronic proof-of-delivery systems are proving more and more valuable to fast-moving delivery firms, but knowing which one to choose and how best to use it is a daunting prospect for many businesses. If you’d like help in this area, our experts are ready to chat – get in touch to find out more.