date20 December 2019

Three ways PODStar has helped our customers build a data-driven fleet

These days, a business operating without digital support and data insight is at significant risk of losing ground to the rest of its market. This is as true in the logistics sector as any other. A recent report into UK Logistics Confidence revealed that updating existing supply chain technology is set to have the biggest impact on business in the sector over the next three years.

Our Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) systems are designed to be a digital backbone for delivery businesses, automating processes where possible and providing operational visibility, connectivity and streamlining.  As the year draws  to a close, we’ve been looking back at how the data captured by our Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) systems is helping our customers’ businesses in real and tangible ways.

Streamlined processes for Anytime Express Transport

Specialist transport and delivery company, Anytime Express Transport (AET), prides itself on its pledge to always deliver its huge array of clients’ goods on time. Since installing PODStar, AET can automate the job planning process to effortlessly create the most efficient routes for its drivers, then send and update them straight to their connected mobile devices. The system is fully integrated with AET’s sales order systems, enabling the team to raise invoices as soon as drivers use their mobile devices to log a job as complete.  

With its focus on prompt delivery, AET have also made good use of PODStar’s ‘waiting time’ feature since it was added to the system. An alert is sent to the head office team when a driver exceeds their pre-set anticipated waiting time on a delivery, enabling them to take active measures to keep things moving.

“We’re delighted that Touchstar’s professionalism extends beyond the product itself, right through to the installation and support aspects of the project," says AET Commercial Director, Nicola Webb.

Safer delivery and time savings for VJT

Our recent partnership with V J Technology (VJT) has already reaped meaningful rewards for the distribution company. VJT is one of the country’s leading suppliers of fixings, fasteners and building consumables, servicing some of the most renowned names in construction and civil engineering.

Before PODStar, VJT’s head office was having to make dozens of ETA query calls to drivers in the field every day, in order to report back to waiting customers. Not only was this distracting and potentially dangerous while drivers were on the road, valuable man hours were lost in the process of locating them. Now, the team at base can see exactly where each driver is at any point in time thanks to GPS vehicle tracking, and can quickly reroute them with an update to a job schedule if an obstacle or delay threatens their progress.     

What’s more, PODStar connects seamlessly with VJT’s existing ERP system, allowing them to merge data sources and achieve a single view of operational performance at a glance. “Mistakes have been reduced, productivity has been increased and duplication of effort has been eradicated. Meanwhile, customer satisfaction has grown thanks to the slicker service, drivers aren’t slowed down by paper processes and managers are able to make informed decisions thanks to the increased flow of accurate information,” says Aaron Buss, Transport Manager at VJT.

Enhanced customer service and ease of compliance for React Transport

Fragile freight distribution specialists, React Transport, supports an impressive roster of national and international Blue-Chip companies and high street retailers. React make excellent use of the PODStar client portal, a user-friendly cloud-based platform that allows their customers to view jobs and track deliveries from anywhere without any assistance from React staff.   

In addition, the company’s fleet of over 60 vehicles are kept 100% compliant and roadworthy thanks to automated and advanced reminders for tax renewals, MOT and servicing, which frees up fleet managers to focus on other areas, safe in the knowledge that this vital step is covered.  

“Our delivery drivers appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of the system and it's helped ensure that we're legally compliant,” explains React Director, Simon Platts. “Our customers have expressed their appreciation of the client portal facility. Overall, we're delighted with the system and, as we continue to expand, we look forward to a long-term relationship with TouchStar."

Join the logistics business supported by PODStar systems

As our partnerships with these businesses continues to flourish, PODStar will continue to adapt and develop to better suit their unique logistics management needs. If your business could benefit from the kind of cost savings, operational efficiencies and improved safety standards these customers have seen, why not get in touch with us to find out more? Our friendly team will be happy to talk you through what could be possible.