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EPOD System Dashboard

Our Dashboard gives real time performance KPI information at your fingertips without having to run scheduled reports. It can be displayed on any device ranging from tablets and mobile phones to a large TV in the traffic office. The EPOD Dashboard can display real time ETA information for your jobs and notify you if a delivery is going to be late or on time.

The system also provides the ability to generate a range of performance reports ranging from distance travelled to electronic proof of delivery information and photos for individual deliveries.

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Simple job entry

With our highly flexible entry screens powered by a web based back office system we can cater for almost any scenario even if your business has more than one entry requirement and multiple users needing access to the delivery system. Should you already have a EPOD system in place we can our tech support team can help migrate you to our improved system and setup an automatic API import process for CSV or Excel Spreadsheets.

Once jobs are entered into the system they are then either automatically sent out to drivers or waiting allocation using our web based route planning tool. To further enhance efficiency via the click of a button we can automatically allocate jobs onto vehicles and in the most logical order.

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Route Planning & Optimisation

Our Web based Planning and Optimisation tool makes easy work of your existing manual process. Using real time job information, you are able to drag and drop the jobs onto the relevant vehicles and, using built in checks, makes sure you are not overloading the vehicle. Once a manifest has been created it is then sent out to the drivers or engineers remotely in the field. To further enhance the efficiency, via a click of a button, we can automatically allocate jobs onto vehicles in the most efficient order and display the route on a map saving your business fuel and time on the road.

Mobile Electronic Proof Of Delivery System

Our EPOD system is available across any web or GPS connected device meaning it can be used by almost any device from simple smart phones to fully rugged devices. Once downloaded a driver or engineer can receive their jobs and complete in real time. Should they be in an area of the country with poor coverage we store the information locally and then transmit once a web connected. Other great features we offer with the handhelds include:

  • Barcode & RFID scanning
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • GPS Tracking
  • Maintenance Part Tracking
  • Asset Tracking

Quick and Effective Invoicing

We have an invoicing module built into the system as standard. This allows you to create invoices for completed jobs and then raise invoices or supplier payments electronically via PDF.

An API is available to fully integrate with existing IT systems using both CSV and XML file formats.

Once invoices are created they can then be transferred to third party accounts applications such as Sage or Oracle.


We have two options of tracking your mobile work force. You can either track using the handheld device used for proof of delivery / signature capture or we can use a hard wired box installed into the vehicle. As-well as seeing a real time update on a map showing the fleet we are also displaying job information and driver performance in one place.

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Performance Reports

There are a standard set of reports in the system giving detailed information on jobs and driver performance. The system also has the ability to export all data fields allowing you to create your own reports quickly and efficiently.

Customer Portal

Customers can login to the cloud based system and enter jobs, view jobs and even track their deliveries. Once jobs have been entered you then have the option of accepting the jobs or declining.

Vehicle Reminders

PODStar lets you store key reminders, like tax, MOT, and service dates against your vehicles and be notified in advance of renewal dates whenever you log into the system ensuring your company is always fully compliant.

Touchstar EPOD System TS3000

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